How Do I Block Sender in Yahoo Mail?

Are you receiving mails from a sender again and again? We understand it is infuriating when you see emails from a specific sender that you would rather not see. There can be numinous reasons because of which you have to take this step of blocking senders. That’s absolutely fine sometime we have to take decisions that must be hard but are good for further processing. It must be interrupting the work load you have on your head like a sword. But make sure if you follow these steps to block the sender on Yahoo Mail it will automatically delete the mails from the sender even before you see it.

Fortunately, Yahoo Mail provides the service that allows you to block a contact from your list. Moreover you can block about 500 email addresses from your Yahoo Mail. But never think that you can fight spam with this method. Because spammer can often use new addresses or domain for every junk email they send to you. More likely try to use the list of blocked senders for individual whom messages you do not want to receive. Well, follow the steps to block the sender in Yahoo Mail. Else you can also attain help from Yahoo Customer Service UK to gain the instructions in proper way.

Here follow the Steps to Block Sender in Yahoo Mail:

  • Take your mouse on the gear icon that signifies Settings option.
  • Now here select the Settings options from the Menu Bar
  • You will see there an option named “Blocked Addresses” category.
  • Here type the unwanted email address under the heading “Add an Address”
  • Now click Block option.
  • And at last save all the changes made.

And you are all set!! After following the above steps you would easily be able to block the sender you no longer want to receive messages and mails from. Also instead of deleting every new mail from each of these addresses by hand Yahoo Mail can also do the cleaning for you. Apart from this if you anywhere get stuck with steps to operate you can directly contact us on Yahoo Support UK Phone Number to attain quick and easy services. Opting for calling option saves a lot time in which you can go with the other work that is on your priority list. Because we provide support to our users by giving result oriented and best experimented solutions from our experienced team of techies.


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